The food delivery service “Delivery Club” attracted $8M

The food delivery service “Delivery Club” attracted $8MThe group of investors with participation of the Fund “Phenomen Ventures” Dmitry Falkovich invested in online-service for food delivery “Delivery Club”. This is the third round of investments, which comprised $8M, most part of this funds went to first private investors of the service. At the project start in 2009 they invested $400K jointly with entrepreneur Levin Oganesyan. Investments will allow the “Delivery Club” modernizing the technical part of the project and enter the large cities with population up to 1 million of people, says director general of the company Anna Shkirina.

Together with Phenomen Ventures in the round took part owners of the “Delivery Club”, funds “Addventure” and “Guard Capital”. In 2011 the “Delivery Club” attracted $1M from the fund “Addventure”, which has been founded by Andrey Romanenko and Leonid Makaron. In the second round took part the “Addveture”, founders of the “Delivery Club” and “Guard Capital”, which on the whole invested $4M.

The “Delivery Club” was founded in September, 2009. The service unified more than 2 thousand delivery services, and also all large platforms of their work automation: “Aventa IIKO” and others. The “Delivery Cub” covers more than 40 cities of Russia, including 22 cities of the Moscow region.

Sergey Karpov, managing partner of the Fund “AddVenture”: “In Russia food delivery market comprises about $1,5B per year, among which $900M comes to Moscow. New Russian companies and affiliates of the large East corporations, which enter the market, recognize the market one of the most perspective and sophisticated simultaneously in Europe”.

Founder and managing partner of the “Phenomen Ventures” Dmitry Falkovich estimates the market of ready meal delivery in Russia minimum 1$B, herewith the food order via Internet brings about 5-7%. In the next two-three years Internet delivery of food will increase every year, believes he.