attracted $1M from Phenomen Ventures and Brother Ventures attracted $1M from Phenomen Ventures and Brother VenturesStartup attracted $1M from two Russian venture funds - Phenomen Ventures and Brother Ventures. In exchange for invested funds they received a minority share in a company. Information about the cost of the whole Coub is not disclosed.

The service for short video clips creation has been established in April 2012/ One of the Startup founders is Anton Gladkoborodov, who worked at Piston Games, on portals Look At Me, Theory & Practice. Rapid increase of the Coub is due to virus spreading. On January users created 50 coubs per day, nowadays users create thousands of video clips. Every day one million people visit website, and monthly audience is 9 million of unique users.

Though 70% of the Coub traffic comes from Russia, the project`s ambitions are not limited to one country. The company plans to establish an office in USA, said Mr.Gladkoborodov. The company will direct attracted funds on website improvement, development of mobile application and attraction of new audience.

The Phenomen Ventures Fund has been created by Dmitry Falkovich, a partner of Yurii Milner in the times of Group foundation. Among the investments of the Fund are: Internet store of designer clothes, video platform Virool, taxi delivery service Hailo, and service of online tickets reservation Onetwotrip.

Brothers Ventures id the Fund of brothers David and Daniil Liberman, Russian entrepreneurs. Among theiк projects are: D3/Leprosorium, PLAXD, Patrn, Kanobu.