“Svyaznoy”, KupiVIP and Ozon will support launch of ruble-operations on PayPa

“Svyaznoy”, KupiVIP and Ozon will support launch of ruble-operations on PayPaInternet-store of electronics “Svyaznoy.ru”, online retailers KupiVIP and Ozon, and also more 10 partners have been the first to implement PayPal for calculating with clients in rubles, informed at press-conference on Tuesday regional director of PayPal Vladimir Malyugin.

According to Digit.ru, the largest in the world payment system PayPal since September, 17 started to work on Russian market in full scale, which allows paying goods in Internet-stores, receive payments, transfer money on other users and to bank accounts in Russian national currency – rubles.

Simultaneously with launch of rubles-operations on PayPal, the payment system has been implemented for calculations with buyers of 13 Russian retailers and services, including service for online-buying out of tickets AnywayAnyday.com, coupon site Biglion, retailers network Enter, onlinestore Holodilnik.ru, retailers of fashion clothes Lamoda and KupiVIP.

Besides, partners of PayPal on launch of rubles-operations became Internet-stores “Svyaznoy.ru” and Ozon, touristic service Tutu.ru, retailer “Utkonos”, service for buying repair parts Emerx.ru, online-store of furniture Westwing and service MyWalit.

According to the Head of AnywayAnyday Natalya Pogibleva, launch of rubles-operations on PayPal will help to integrate online-service in Russia to a global segment e-commerce. Director General of Enter Segey Rumyantsev noted, that PayPal can contribute in decreasing of a trust level of Russian users to Internet buying out. Representative of Ozon.ru Igor Gusev noted, that the system will become the 17th variant of payments at the site of aretailer, and herewith one of the most convenient.

Volume of payments, transferred via PayPal in 2012 in Russia, comprised more than a billion of dollars, of which about a half came to eBay, the rest – on other trading fields, said Malyugin. In a global scale this index comprised about 145 billions of dollars.