Startup Hippflow became a partner of the contest among entrepreneurs Tech Tra

Startup Hippflow became a partner of the contest among entrepreneurs Tech TraOne of official partners of the contest Tech Trailblazers Awards will become Russian service Hippflow, offering an opportunity to Startups of informing all interested and first of all investors about deals inside the project.

“I am happy to have an opportunity of working with Tech Trailblazers Awards, and opportunity to present Hippflow to participants of the society Trailblazer. Russian market is in need of such initiatives, as Tech Trailblazer – really global, independent contest, opening opportunities to Startups from Russia”, - stated founder of Hippflow Kirill Chekanov.

Besides, recently Tech Trailblazer announced that unifies its efforts with the Ukrainian Forum iHUB Seed, nonprofit information and communications technologies Startup incubator, based in Kiev, and financed at the expense of grant from Norwegian Government.

According to Rose Ross, founder of the Tech Trailblazer, they are very glad to have partnership with such young entrepreneur, who developed unique and simple system for venture projects tracing.

Tech Trailblazer Awards takes orders on participation till September, 12. Winners of the regional stage will be announced in the middle of October, and winners in each category – in December, 3.

Projects from Russia will have opportunity to take part in Tech Trailblazer Awards in the category Emerging Markets – a competition for teams from developing markets. Its cost id $50K, and includes free participation in the category “technologies”, and also a free enter in European Trailblazers Cup.