BioPharmCluster “Nothern” и Technopolis Moscow have executed a Memorandum of Cooperation

BioPharmCluster “Nothern” и Technopolis Moscow have executed a Memorandum of CooperationThe BioPharmCluster “Nothern” on the basis of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Moscow technopark have executed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the sphere of innovation production development in high-tech branches of economics on the territory of Moscow or Moscow region, where there is the partners` infrastructure.

The parties are planning to recommend fields of each other to specialized organizations for distribution of modern high-tech manufactures, laboratories, R&D centers, and also offices of small and medium innovation companies on their own territories, depending on residents` needs.

“Possessing an undeniable advantage – high level of ready infrastructure – we, like Technopolis, are able to create to interested companies the most favorable conditions for development of their projects on our territories, - said director executive of the BioPharmCluster “Nothern” Oleg Korzinov. – Particularly it refers to global corporations, looking forward to adapt products to Russian needs and standards, and go out of and strengthen own positions on Russian market of innovation products. Thus, with the Memorandum of Cooperation execution our organizations significantly widen its interconnection spectrum with potential partners (residents) on questions of localization of the most leading global technologies”.

The projects Technopolis and the BioPharmCluster “Nothern” are actively supported by regional government authority – Moscow Government and Moscow region. Besides distribution on their fields and opportunity of using all required infrastructure, both partners offer a wide spectrum of technological and consulting services to their residents. Technopolis will also contribute to members of the BioPharmCluster “Nothern” including into a register of organizations, which export andor import scientific-technological and innovation products. Besides this, the BioPharmCluster “Nothern” and Technopolis have agreed about their joint participation, conduction and support of various events.

“We actively support development of innovation infrastructure in our country, because this is a guarantee of quantity growth of Russian residents on our field, which, in its turn, will contribute to innovation development of Moscow and Russia on the whole, - noted director general of the managing company Technopolis Moscow Igor Ishchenko. – I am sure that cooperation with the BioPharmCluster “Nothern” will bring its results in the near future”.

In the course of cooperation, the BioPharmCluster “Nothern” and the Technopolis Moscow (“Technopolis”) are planning to execute additional Agreements and actions programs, concretizing cooperation.