Online-service Seeneco announces about an official launch

Online-service Seeneco announces about an official launchIn May, 2013 the online-service Seeneco attracted as a strategic investor the company “Diasoft”, one of leaders on Russian market of business software development for financial institutions. The Company Seeneco entered a group of companies “Diasoft”. The service Seeneco not only adds a production line “Diasoft”, but also strengthens positions of the Company on a “cloud” segments of the market, where it consequently replaces its component business-systems FLEXTERA and Diasoft FA#. The amount of a deal is not disclosed.

Already in summer 2013 the Company entered this service on the market. One of the first clients of the service became a farming cooperative LavkaLavla. When the amount of farmers in this cooperative increased a lot, the products assortment increased twice, and amount of constant clients increased three times, for more effective solutions of a task for sales management in LavkaLavka made use of services of a “cloud” services Seeneco. Seeneco provides a ready dashboard – a set of widgets with key sales indexes, based on ABC, XYZ and RFM-analysis of clients` database, its suppliers, offered by them goods and whole sales statistics. Widgets allow seeing not only current value of the index, but also its qualitative estimate, and changes dynamics. Under each such index in Seeneco are disclosed report forms with analysis details, where it is possible to trace logic and history of all calculations.

The Company Seeneco – is the first on Russian market developer of software, realized an idea of rendering services of MIS class on subscription (SaaS, “cloud”): strategic and finance planning, and also budgeting and formation of ready forms of management reporting.
First of all, the service Seeneco is oriented at medium and small business. However a large business`s interest is attracted by the fact that any of the service Seeneco business-offers can be evolved in a local infrastructure of a customer.

As opposed to classic BI-systems, implementation of which seldom or never meets the budget and period, the service Seeneco offers fully ready-made solutions of tasks, being on demand on the market of business analytics, such as sales analysis, warehouse capacity analytics, profitability analysis, consolidation and closing, budgeting, expenses management.

Business-applications by Seeneco are ready to immediate use. It does not require launch, in most cases requiring no adjustment, provide wide opportunities on launch of initial data of accounting and grocery accounting from systems and office applications, which are on demand, possess simple and friendly interface – “lead” a user in the process, making prompts and saving from mistakes.

“Every day in various accounting systems in modern organizations a great amount of data is implemented and generated, which is not always possible to move to useful information for making analysis of current situation, and taking managing solutions due to high expenses of financial and human resources. Our aim is to make available technologies, which allow taking reasonable managing decisions for small and medium business, - said founder and director general of Seeneco, Ilya Kuznetsov. – We have worked under the product component, creation of perspective business-model of a project, and effective monetization jointly with the consulting company Global TechInnovations (GTI). GTI, using its venture expertise, helped us to lay a secure foundation for fast business development and attraction of qualitative investment”.