Jelastic receives investments and appoints a new CEO

Jelastic receives investments and appoints a new CEOThe Company Jelastic, a supplier of a leading cloud platform for hosting Java and PHP-application, announced about appointment of John E.Derrick on the post of executive director. Possessing a wide managing experience of technological companies, he will define direction of a global company`s development, manage business, make strategic connections and promote on the first PaaS market for private and public clouds, not requiring the code adaptation.

John E.Derrick will work in the head office of Jelastic, located in the Silicon Valley (Palo-Alto, CA). He joins the company of the founder and main architecture Ruslan Sinitsky, who, in his turn, moves to the post of a technical director. Mr.Sinitsky managed the process of the company establishment and technologies development Jelastic from the moment of creation and till real time, informed in CNews in the company.

For the more active growth of Jelastic and increase of users` amount there has been attracted additional finance from Maxfield Capital – venture fund, focused on investments in technological companies of seed and early stage. Initially in Jelastic invested funds Runa Capital and Almaz Capital.

Investments, received from Maxfield Capital, allows Jelastic increasing development of technologies of hosting Java- and PHP- application, and also strategy of a new market entering. Jelastic plans to direct the attracted capital on further development and platform sale, and also on global promotion of a company.

At the moment Jelastic cooperates with more than 20 hosting-providers, which offer or in the near future will offer a platform for Java and PHP-hosting.

“Jelastic at the moment changes game rules in hosting industry all over the world. Companies, which worked under dedicated and virtually dedicated server, move to provision of cloud platforms. Our partners on cloud hosting inspires an opportunity to take part in evolution of cloud calculations. Nowadays they can offer their clients a modern and competitive cloud hosting Java- and PHP- application”, - stated Ruslan Sinitsky, founder of Jelastic.

“Our cooperation with John Derreck will lead Jelastic to new corporate markets. I believe that our progressive technologies and forwarded team in the near future will widen opportunities of corporate software”, - concluded Mr.Sinitsky.