“Rosnano” established the managing company for itself

“Rosnano” established the managing company for itselfThe Board of directors of “Rosnano”, OJSC has approved a deal, foreseeing investment of 990K RUB in the charter capital of the established “Managing Company “Rosnano”, LLC. In future it will become private, and the idea of privatization of “Rosnano” recedes into the past. The Managing Company is established in accordance with approved in June, 2012 new strategy of “Rosnano”, the core of which is separation of management functions and assets owning.

In order to implement plants, “Rosnano” will allocate the managing company (which correspond the global practice), which will manage the “Rosnano” itself, and then new funds of nanotechnologies, which will be established. Thus, the “Rosnano” accounts to attract in Russian industry of nanotechnologies additional private investments.

In summer, 2013 the Ministry of the economy development Aleksey Ulyukaev announced about plans of gradual 100% privatization “Rosnano” up to 2016. However a new strategy of “Rosnano” supposes sales to private investors not stocks of the OJSC, but shares in the Managing company – firstly 10% (more 10% can buy out management). Nowadays the offer of “Rosnano” for the Government is to absolutely deny from privatization plans of “Rosnano”: the company is ready to find investors for investments in Russian high-tech companies, creating new funds.