The Fund of Mark Zuckerberg has invested the first Startup

The Fund of Mark Zuckerberg has invested the first StartupChief of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has made its first investment in the Startup: his Fund “Startup:Education” has taken part in the conducted by the company “Panorama Education” investment round, in which it received $4M including from the Funds: SoftTech VC, Google Ventures, A-Grade Investments, Yale University and others.

The “Panorama Education” makes gathering and analysis for improvement of educational processes. Attracted funds are planned to be directed on promotion to International stage and strengthening its positions on American market. At the moment the company serves 4 thousand schools (more than 1 million students), among clients of “Panarama Education” are education Institutions from Colorado and Connecticut, and also the school district of Los-Angeles.

Mark Zuckerberg has founded the Fund “Startup:Education” in 2010 in order to invest $100M for education improvement in USA. The representative of Facebook has announced that current investment has not concerned these $100M.