The Intel Capital Fund has invested $65M in new projects

The Intel Capital Fund has invested $65M in new projectsExecutive president of the “Intel” Arvind Sodhani on the conference “Intel Capital Global Summit” has announced about the fact that the Fund has made investments in 16 new high-tech companies from 9 countries. The total amount of investments comprised $65M, which had been directed on the companies` development, which make elaboration of cloud technologies for data storage, file services, 3D software and platforms for interactive video creation, solutions for microchips modeling, and even one company, which offers automobiles rent.

Funds, invested by the Fund, will help in development of innovations if the sphere of cloud technologies, data processing centers, mobile technologies and users services. Investments are made within the strategic tasks of the Fund to give help to Starting enterprises, required for entering their projects at a global level.

The Intel Capital is the global Fund on investments of the Intel Corporation, which invests funds in innovation companies, working in technological sphere. Since 1991 the Fund invested more than $11B in 1322 companies from 54 countries all over the world. In 2012 the Intel Capital financed 150 deals, totally investing $352M in it.