Intel invests $ 100 M in advanced motor-car construction technologies

Intel invests $ 100 M in advanced motor-car construction technologiesIntel Capital Technology Investment fund has invested $100 M to support startups involved in the development of new high-tech automotive solutions. For this reason it is planned to create a new Intel Capital Connected Car Fund, which be will investing in the creation of innovative tools related to the automotive industry.

It is reported that the support will be received by the young companies, whose activities are somehow related to hardware, software, services and other products in the field of automotive entertainment, wireless, mobile connections and electronic driver assistance systems.

According to the Intel Capital's President Arvind Sodhani, technologies have already become part of everyday life in the modern world: a continuous Internet access, a constant flow of information, news, entertainment, social networking - all becoming more and more necessary to a modern man. That is why the cars should be created not only capable of providing their owners with computer means, but also they should be done as safe as possible.

In conclusion, Sodhani noted that the new fund is created to significantly accelerate the development of auto-technology startups.