Actor Ashton Kutcher became manager in the Chinese company

Actor Ashton Kutcher became manager in the Chinese companyOne of the largest in the world manufacturers of computers “Lenovo Group” appointed Aston Kutcher on the post of an engineer-developer. The actor will take active participation in everything concerning design, technical characteristics, software and scenario of tabs “Yoga” use.

According to the actor, the partnership with “Lenovo” combines his love to technologies and design, which make our life better. Marketing director of “Lenovo” David Roman notes, that this partnership is beyond traditional borders due to deep Mr.Kutcher’s integration in “Lenovo” on the position of engineer-developer, while we develop a new products line.

Ashton Kutcher can be considered as an actor with real IT-background: he has been a co-founder of “A-Grade Investments” – venture fund, which provided venture capitals and executed an agreement on cooperation with several technology companies, including Airbnb, Foursquare, Spotify, Path and Uber.

Announcement on partnership has been made in the course of presentation of the “Yoga” tab with 18-hour period of autonomous work and three position modes for users’ convenient. 8- and 10- inch tab computers work on the basis of a program platform Android.