Rosnano invests 3.2B RUB in fiber optics production in Saransk

Rosnano invests 3.2B RUB in fiber optics production in SaranskThe amount of investments in construction of the first in Russia plant on fiber optics production in the Mordovia capital – Saransk – is estimated in 3,121B RUB, informs the city Administration. The realization period of time is 6,5 years.

In the industrial zone of Saransk has been started building of the first in Russian Federation production of fiber optics, a unique product of high technologies. The main investors of a new plant became “Gazprombank” and the State Corporation ROSNANO. Nowadays all 20 Russian plants, manufacturing optical fiber cable, purchase fiber optics abroad.

“When entering the project power, “fiber-optic systems” will manufacture annually 2,4 million kilometers of fiber. This will allow taking 20-30% of the whole Russian market”, - informs the Republic Government.

According to authorities, one kilometer of fiber optics, diameter of which will comprise 125 microns, will weight 10 million telephone conversations. Besides, at the plant there will be organized manufacture for laser devices, difficult monitoring systems, and unique medical devices.