The Fund “Bull Ventures” invested the Ukrainian company “Eurobox”

The Fund “Bull Ventures” invested the Ukrainian company “Eurobox”The Russian venture Fund “Bull Ventures”, which has been launched a couple of weeks ago, has announced about closing of its first deal – the Fund has invested in the first Ukrainian company “Eurobox”, which installs postamats. The deal has been closed in the end of October, negotiations have been lead during the last two months. Representatives of the Fund refused to disclose details of the deal, however according to unconfirmed data, in the “Eurobox” network have invested several million dollars.

Ukraine already possesses such a service – the Company “PickPoint” started to place the first network of postamats. However as against to analogues, postamats “Eurobox” can be used not only as orders’ receiving point, but also as a point of dispatches sending or baggage room. Ukrainian capacities will produce it, and it will cost 3-5 times cheaper. This development of the Ukrainian engineer Dmitry Artemenko, the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest “Invention-2012”. Purchases now are able not to wait for a courier, and the deliver service will make economy, executing transportation of the whole orders group at once.

The “Eurobox” installs postamats of their own development. A postamat is automated secure baggage room, which is combined to the payment terminal. Goods, which are ordered in Internet-stores, are delivered in the selected by a purchaser point of “Eurobox”, and are placed in the cell of suitable size. Purchaser can pay its goods directly in the postamat terminal by cash, or via Internet with use of a credit card or electronic money. After payment a user receives sms-notification with password, which opens access to the required cell.

The “Bull Ventures” is the Fund, established by the Company “Flint Management”, which initially has founded the Fund “Flint Capital”. Managing partners are former top-managers of the “Finam Global” Dmitry Smirnov and Oleg Seidak. The “Bull Ventures” is focused on a segment of Ukrainian electronic commerce; its capacity is $10M, which, as expected, will be increased up to $40M.