Residents of the IT-park received 12,7M RUB of cluster grants

Residents of the IT-park received 12,7M RUB of cluster grantsResidents of the IT-park received the regular important support from the Government of the Tatarstan Republic.

The special program “Cluster grants”, established by the Ministry of economy of the Tatarstan Republic, supposes subsidies offering to entrepreneurs and companies of the region, which are residents of industrial parks and fields of the municipal level. For the grant getting can claim residents of industrial fields, who work in processing branches of economy, production of new types of products, implementation of the most progressive technologies and manufactures.

According the program “Cluster grants” are allocated subsidies for expenses financing, connected with the rent or realty repayment on the territory of industrial fields of the municipal level. Subsidies are given in amount of 25% from the sum of expenses on repayment or rent payment for plots of land and realty objects. Herewith advantage in the application consideration is given to residents, who have innovation element in a business-project.

Among companies, who received grants, are residents of the Kazan and Chelny fields of the IT-park. The total amount of subsidies for companies-residents of the IT-park comprised 12,7M RUB. 11,5M RUB of these money came to the share of residents of the Kazan IT-park, and 12,5M RUB comes to share of residents in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Among the Kazan residents owners of subsidies became the following companies: “ISU” LLC, “SIT” LLC, “KIR” LLC, “StartPak” LLC, “New Technologies” LLC, “Startbase” LLC, “SportFort” LLC, “Research and manufacturing association “Computer systems” LLC, “ITP Group” LLC, “Autodoria” LLC, “Nebo” LLC, “Droog companii” LLC, “TGT Prime” LLC, “Etton” LLC, “TaksNet” CJSC, “Glonass+112” LLC, “UIP” LLC, “SD” LLC.

Owners of subsidies among residents of the IT-field in Naberezhnye Chelny: “Riel Engineering” LLC, “Omnikomm-Region” LLC, “TransInfoService” LLC, Netcam” Individual entrepreneur Mustafin A.A., “IQ 300” LLC, “Spravmedika” LLC, “SPRUT-TECHNOLOGY” CJSC, “ASU-project” LLC, “DubleGis-Naberezhnye Chelny” LLC, “The Company Projects and Solutions” LLC, “MSU” LLC, “The Company Mart” LLC, production-commercial company “Itil-Invest” LLC.