Jewellery online-store “Nebo-v-almazah” attracted $2M

Jewellery online-store “Nebo-v-almazah” attracted $2MOnline-store of jewellery received $2M in investment round from the venture Fund “Addventure”. Received funds the retailer intends to direct on the more aggressive policy of the project and development of the IT-infrastructure.

“Nedo v almazah” has been founded by Olga Suvorova in 2008 as a small Internet-store of jewellery. At the moment the company’s catalogue contains more than 70 thousand items of jewellery; each month 6 thousand orders are proceed; monthly amount of business comprises $1,1M, and average bill is 1000 rubles – 80.000 rubles per one client.

Managing partner of the Fund “Addventure” Maksim Medvedev considers that the jewellery Internet-store “Nebo v almazah” has everything to become a global hypersucessful project: orientation on mass consumer, potential for development on International markets, competent management. “During quite a short period of time the company not only built its huge network of partners and suppliers, and successfully adjusted work of call-centers ans courier services, but became profitable”, - says Mr.Medvedev.

According to forecasts of analytics of the Fund “Addventure”, by 2016 market will increase up to $11B, the share of Internet will increase correspondingly up to 10%, which will comprise $1.1B, and purchase audience will increase up to 2 million people.

The internet-store intends to keep a leading position on Russian market, using received from investors funds on aggressive marketing strategy, opening of showrooms network in Moscow and large Russian cities, changes in IT-infrastructure and site in order to become convenient for users.