AddVenture invested in culinary service “Chefmarket”

AddVenture invested in culinary service “Chefmarket”The service of ready meal delivery “Chefmarket” attracted the first round of investments from the fund “AddVenture”, which is specialized on the projects in the sphere of e-commerce. Attracted within the round A investments will be directed to the site development, its conversion increase, improvement of the CRM-system for processes optimization inside the company, promotion of a concept in Moscow and the Moscow region, and also preparation to the project scaling in other cities. It is not disclosed about size and terms of financing.

According to Sergey Ashin, founder of the “Chefmarket”, the focus of the project has citis-millions of Russia, moreover, it is not excluded the roll-out of the project in the West countries at the more later stage.

“High marginality of our business is possible by supporting with not only work with suppliers, but, mainly, high added value, which is created by us for a client”, - says Mr.Ashin. The “Chefmarket” works as a restaurant with its own kitchen and chefs. This restaurant makes all “dirty and not needed for a client” work: purchases products from certified suppliers, cleans fish and shrimps, processes meat, selects and cleans vegetables, and even boils cooking water – everything for the aim that then a client would cook one meal for 20-30 minutes.

The project “Chefmarket”, which started its work in 2013, is a unique complex of Internet-store and culinary book. At the site a user can select a meal, which he wants to cook, the company will deliver all required ingredients for the selected quantity of persons and a detailed manual. On the background of Western analogues, the business-model of the store looks more attractive for the end consumer – it is possible to select from hundreds of receipts and get delivery not in a week, but already in 3-4 hours after the order made.

“We believe in perspectives of the food-sector of e-commerce in Russia, - says managing partner of the “AddVenture” Sergey Karpov. For a long time we have searched for a project, which will manage to turn traditional product retail, and we are sure that we have found what we wanted to find”. And the “AddVenture is not the only one – in 2012 venture funds of the Silicon Valley have invested $350M in food-startups, this is 7 times higher than in 2008. All these projects aim at searching new ways of food sale to consumers, and development of new meal types. “We are very glad to have such investment, - comments Mr.Karpov. And, which is very important, we believe in a tram “Chefmarket” and personally Sergey as a strong entrepreneur with perfect German tempering in the sphere of business-processes building”.

According to the managing partner and founder of the “AddVenture” Maksim Medvedev, “value of food-projects is in the fact that they solve a real everyday problem: all of us want to eat at least three times per day. Having the great amount of market, variety of offers is not high, but competitiveness is great, that kills margin of traditional product stores. “The “Chefmarket” offers innovative solution for this giant market, which allows creating additional cost for clients, herewith significantly increasing marginality of business”, - analyses Mr.Medvedev. “We see a great amount of variants how to increase traffic, conversion, and, as a result, profitability of a company, and will use the received experience for the “Chefmarket” development, - concludes he.