CrowdSystems received investments from the Moscow Seed Fund

CrowdSystems received investments from the Moscow Seed Fund The Moscow Seed Fund has invested the company CrowdSystems, which organizes retail-audit and consumers’ research with the help of crowdsourcing. As co-investor became the business-angel Pavel Glushenkov. The amount of investments of the Moscow Seed Fund comprised about $300K, that will be spend for development of the IT-platform and scaling of sales in B2B segment.

The company CrowdSystems with the help of mobile application TopMission ( gathers data about sales stores and consumers’ behavior in a real time mode. Consolidated information transfers into analytical reports and helps companies in controlling and developing business.

As compared to traditional methods of researches conducting, active society of smartphones’ users gives an opportunity to realize national projects in short terms (up to several days), and the IT-platform allows controlling data quality.

Nowadays in Russia the application has been installed by more than 70 thousand users, have been made dozens of thousands of tasks in more than 100 cities of Russia. Clients of the company are the largest FMCG-companies and retilers.

“Strong team of the project and a good product help dozens of bands to receive in-time analytics, and thousands of smartphones’ users – earn money. I believe that this company is able to change the market of researches and retail-audit”, - comments Pavel Gluchenkov.

“Conduction of market investigations with use of modern technologies is a very perspective and important thing. The project represents to be very interesting. I hope that everything will be all right”, - comments Aleksey Kostrov, executive director of the Moscow Seed Fund.