GS Group launches its own venture direction

GS Group launches its own venture direction GS Group, a private international holding, founded in Russia, will support initiative entrepreneurs and Sartup teams on all stages of projects development. Investments of venture projects department, established in company`s structure, will comprise from 500K to 300M RUB in a separate Startup.
The total amount of funds that GS Group is intended to direct on venture funds financing in 2013-2014 – 1,5B RUB.

GS Venture – a department of venture projects of GS Group – offers complex support to authors of interesting business-ideas: from investments and inventory and logistics management to assistance in market launch of a ready product, its advertisement and promotion.

Target audience of GS Venture - teams of innovation projects, developers and all those who want to turn their innovative ideas and elaborations to profitable commerce projects. On the part of GS Group they can rely on powerful technological and economic basis for implementation of unusual Startups. The basis for perspective authors and teams will become numerous business-directions of GS Group Holding, and innovation cluster opportunities “Technopolis GS”, located in the Kaliningrad Region (general investor – GS Group).

GS Venture attracts in “Technopolis GS” specialized projects, offering new solutions in the sphere of telecommunications, microelectronics, and nanotechnologies. The GS Group Holding, a leading developer in these spheres and owner of various private know-how, is ready to support talented authors of ideas, who start to develop its projects in these spheres.

“We are ready to finance projects, that suppose to create principally new technologies in the sphere of telecommunications, - noted Sergey Filimonov, chief of venture projects department of GS Group. – We are ready to consider and support development of breakthrough ideas in other high-tech spheres”.

The company places emphasis that its range of interest go beyond the sphere of telecommunications, because today competence of GS Group, besides launch of international broadcasting projects, include development of high-tech electronics, nanotechnologies, organization of natural resources effective use with the application of eco-friendly waste-free production of closed cycle, logistics and trading, creation of a media content and a range of other directions. “If you offer correct and whole new project, we will obviously consider its support opportunities. Developing “Technopolis GS”, one of the key targets, we see attraction of talented and perspective experts, who intends to its ideas realization”, - commented a representative of the Holding.

Working with GS Venture, Startup companies will receive not only coordination and assistance on all stages of project`s consideration, but also highly skilled specialist consultations – both own and working at other companies-leaders in its own branch.