A competition Lenovo Do Network reaches the finish line

A competition Lenovo Do Network reaches the finish line
The final stage of the Lenovo Do Network competition, started in the end of the last year, is almost finished. The aim of this comp is to help new projects in development, providing them with consulting services, an opportunity to obtain advice of mentors, as well as expanding the business contacts of young entrepreneurs. A winner, who will be chosen out of 10 finalists, gets $25 K dollars for the further development of its startup.

The best project will be named from the current finalists. They are:
- Personal 3D Printer is a printer which helps to print full-pledged prototypes of 3D models of layouts from pre-downloaded dedicated web resources.
- Arc anti-fire device is a device which can exclude the occurrence of fire due to faulty wiring, works even when automatic fuses are powerless.
- Home laboratory and workshop is a low-cost set helps to carry out a wide range of scientific experiments, to manufacture equipment and put it into the material, not only as virtual models.
- 1minute.ru is charity in just one click: users view promotional content on the site of the project, advertisers pay money for this actions, and all the earned money goes for charity.
- AR-Go: GPS augmented reality.
- CHIC – School from the box is hardware and software package for educational institutions.
- WHYTHISSWAY is a set of different characteristics of the rout and type of vehicle which is based on the degree of comfort of the way.
- Fellow-travelers is a service which brings together drivers and passengers along the way. Allows you to optimize the use of your personal vehicle and reduce the number of cars on the roads.
- One-the-way is automatic selection of passengers and the driver’s personal vehicle, aimed at the more comfortable and fast transportation.
- The crystal clear water for the swimming pools – to achieve water quality by using the combined method of ultrasound, ultraviolet radiation and ozone, which is safe for the human health.