The finalists of the Technovations Cup

The finalists of the Technovations CupThe Expert Committee of the Technovations Cup, a competition of international students’ innovative technological projects, named the best participants who will be able to participate in the educational program and speak at the finals in Moscow.

Technovations Cup was organized by Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in 2007 and will take place for the eighth time.

The aim of the Technovations Cup is to find the best innovative projects of students and help them to become a successful technological business. It is not required to have a business plan to participate in the contest, which allows a wide range of scientific and technological projects to be presented.

The finals of this year’s competition will be held in November, and will be attended by several hundred employees of large companies, investment funds and organizations that promote technological business’s development. They will judge the following finalists:

1. Population Notification and Warning System SpikFon;
2. Effective three-layer monolithic products with nano-structured transition layer;
3. Kiparis 3D;
4., an on-line platform for remote access to experimental units for education and scientific research;
5. CytoDel;
6. Lactocore;
7. Energy efficient heating control;
8. Multiphase flow;
9. DendriVax, a cancer vaccine of new generation;
10. MD.Voice;
11. The development of a microwave generator based on spin electronics;
12. Asynchronous motor with combined windings;
13. The development of a technology for semiconductor heterostructures with quantum dots by ion-beam deposition for the needs of solar energy;

These projects will also participate in the educational program of the competition, which will take place before the finals - from the 4th to the 7th of November - with the participation of leading experts in innovation, as well as business coaches.