The nanoindustry development program was discussed in Tatarstan Republic

The nanoindustry development program was discussed in Tatarstan Republic The intergovernmental meeting under the Minister of Economic Affairs Midkhat Shagiakhmetov chairmanship took place in Tatarstan Republic. They discussed regional special-purpose programme preparations for 2012-2015 years – said the Tatarstan Republic Press-Service.

The working group consisted of Open Joint Stock Company “RUSNANO” representatives, educational programs and infrastructure Fund representatives, and from the republic side – representatives of branch ministry, Universities, leading enterprises - nanomanufacturers.

During the meeting Midkhat Shagiakhmetov brought into focus the fact that the program should be purpose-oriented, regarding some successfully realizing republic purpose - oriented programs of development. It is obligatory for specific purpose indicators, actions and responsible performers for reaching them to be reflected in that program, and stimulating devices of innovative projects state support in nanotechnology and nanomaterial sphere should also be included.

Cooperative actions of RUSNANO and educational programs and infrastructure Fund with republic's developing institutions and innovation infrastructure subjects should also be the essential part of this regional programme.

Dmitrij Krinitskij, regional politics Management and cooperation with open corporation RUSNANO authorities chief, and Maksim Nevesenko, governmental authorities work and regional demand stimulating programs Department chief, told us everything about these questions.

The participants of the meeting agreed that the acceptance of the program not only by Tatarstan Republic but also by open corporation RUSNANO and infrastructure Fund will further the basic elements of nanoindustry formation. It will also improve the planning activity, educational projects realization and popularization of innovations in Tatarstan Republic.