The Republic of Tatarstan investment climate check

The Republic of Tatarstan investment climate checkA regular meeting of the expert group to monitor implementation and testing of Activities Standard of the Republic of Tatarstan executive authorities took place in Kazan.

The meeting was attended by the representatives from the Agency of strategic initiatives: Artem Zdunov, the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan and Bulat Khaziakhmetov, the head of the consolidated investment activities department of the Tatarstan Ministry of Economy.

The participants adopted the rules of the Expert Group and summed up the preliminary results of the executive authorities performance according to the Standard requirements. It was the adoption of the Law of the Russian Federation on the protection of investors' rights and mechanisms to support investment in the region, the availability of accessible facilities and consumers’ representatives inclusion in the Regional Energy Commission (REC).

Some of priority issues are the formation of a direct communications channel, the creation of a bilingual web portal about the investment in the region, the regulation support of investment projects on one window principle and the annual message of the highest official.

According to the results of the public examination the expert group decided that the requirements of Sections 8, 13 and 14 of the Standard have been satisfied in full. Necessary infrastructure to accommodate industrial and other objects for investors has been created in the Republic of Tatarstan.