Rambler became a part of Russian TimePad company shareholders

Rambler became a part of Russian TimePad company shareholders Consolidated Afisha and Rambler’s company has become a Timepad Internet service shareholder. It was reported at Timepad website and confirmed by Vladislav Kreinin, consolidated company PR-director. The deal is financed by Rambler-Fund.

It gives us incredible prospects! We get access to new resources that will make it possible for us to grow faster, create more useful services and make our customers happier - Timepad message says.

According to unconfirmed reports, investors appraised Timepad up to $200,000.

Timepad Internet platform allows its customers to organize and conduct their own activities: to create the official page of an event, to attract and inform participants, sell tickets. More than 5000 organizers of conferences, festivals, workshops and other events use TimePad services today. There are more than 2 M TimePad users. During 2011 the platform helped to hold more than 10 thousand events with 350,000 participants.

We are intended to achieve Timepad synergy with our other products such as Rambler maps, Afisha.ru and other entertainment media products. We would be interested in their development - Vladislav Kreinin comments upon agreement.