MSU and Dubna SEZ residents will implement innovative projects together

MSU and Dubna SEZ residents will implement innovative projects together Moscow State University School of Economics, and NT-Inform information and marketing center, that represents the interests of organizations and nanotech cluster Dubna companies, signed a cooperation agreement today, according to which the partners will work together to develop innovative projects, the SEZ said.

These projects will produce products and services that combine both the technology and design innovation. In addition, MSU and Dubna SEZ will work together on the interdisciplinary creative youth community organization.

MSU School of Economics is represented by the innovationStudio innovative business and entrepreneurship laboratory, which is a joint initiative of the Moscow State University and Intel Corporation for the development of innovative entrepreneurship. Among the innovationStudio partners are Novartis company, Lumiknows, DTLab, TRIZ-profi, School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, Schulich School of Business, HPI School of Design Thinking, ABRT Venture Fund, Go Group Scotland, Acceleratored'Impresa of Politecnico di Milano, and others .

The aim of the innovationStudio and NT-Inform joint project will be the holding of regular series of interdisciplinary creative workshops called Innovative Technologies in Creating New Product Offerings.

Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type Dubna is created in order to increase the share of Russia's presence in advanced technology product world markets to meet the priorities in science and technology.

NT-INFORM information and marketing center was created in 2011 as a part of the nanotechnology cluster Dubna information infrastructure. The center has been working in close partnership with leading organizations: the management company of Dubna nanocenter, International Nanotechnology Innovation Center (INIC), CIS International Nanotechnology Innovation Center (CISINIC), Dubna University, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, etc.