New residents of Krasnoyarsk Krai business incubator

New residents of Krasnoyarsk Krai business incubatorKrasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator hosted a Supervisory Board. After the Board five companies received the status of remote KRITBI resident.

All the projects have passed professional examination, got opinion letter whether there were signs of innovation and now can lay claim to a wide range of services provided to the residents: accounting and legal support, training and services to find funding sources, and much more. Companies that have come to the regional business incubator with mechanical engineering projects are interested in using a unique hardware of KRITBI prototyping center. All services for residents are free, according to the KRITBI website.

New remote KRITBI residents are:

- Insiteh LLC with the Development of technology of polycrystalline silicon solar gradation (SG) by the method of high-speed steel project.

- Kollahit Medical Company Ltd with The collagen-chitosan nanocomplex: Modernization of the enterprise for the production of wound coatings based on chitosan-collagen nanocomplexes project.

- EkoTehnolodzhi LLC with the Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning technology of boilers deposits, heat exchangers and heating systems of buildings project.

- Hende Siberia Ltd. with the Production of heat and cold supply machines project.

- Ermak-T Ltd. with the Organization of small-scale assembly of diesel forklift 6 tons carrying capacity project.

One of the most promising companies, in my opinion is MK Kollahit Ltd. Innovators have developed this know-how, which will become a discovery not only in Russia but also in foreign markets - KRITBI executive director Nikolay Kolpakov said.