KRITBI has taken new residents

KRITBI has taken new residentsIn the Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator (KRITBI) has been conducted projects’ expertise from candidates in residents and accreditation of already working residents.

Eight companies have claimed the status of a resident getting of the regional business incubator. According to results of the expert committee estimation, four projects have been included in the KRITBI residents’ amount, two projects have been sent for rework, more two projects – denied. According to the Chairman of the expert committee, candidate of technical science Vladislav Patetsky, main criteria of estimation are innovativeness, intellectual basis, organizational and technological opportunities, financial and market potential.

Among companies, passing the KRITBI, the “Forestry engineering and cadastre Agency”, developing software, which allows without people’s participation receiving exact calculation of loaded timber volume. The company “Druzhba” develops network of energy-depending information panel. The company “Tyaga” develops sport equipment, combining functional of the most popular training device. The company “Akrodekor” uses microspheres in floor coatings for the heat-conduction coefficient decrease, reflection of ultraviolet irraqdiation and hydrofuge insulation.

“The expert committee KRITBI, which includes not only scientists, but also business representatives and bank society, thanks to their knowledge and competencies, estimate projects not only from the point of view of science, but also from commercialization perspectives. The regional business-incubator shows constant tendency for taking projects with high applied compound”, - said the Minister of investments and innovations of the Krasnoyarsk region Olga Rukhullaeva.

Together with the projects expertise, in KRITBI has been conducted accreditation of residents, at which have been considered working results for the last half of the year. As a result seven companies did not confirm the status of a resident form the regional business incubator.

Nowadays 88 companies are resident of the KRITBI. The main directions of residents’ activity are mechanical engineering, information technologies, resource-saving technologies. The KRITBI residents also work in such directions as: building technologies, biotechnologies, radiotronics, nanotechnologies, rational use of natural resources and medicine.