DST Global to allocate another billion dollars for investments in IT startups

DST Global to allocate another billion dollars for investments in IT startupsDST Global Investment fund owned by Yuri Milner is going to attract $ 1 B to create a new technological investment fund. Investment for it will be the IT startups at the late stages of development, reports Bloomberg agency. The previous round of funding Milner carried out less than a year ago. A new round of investment will focus on the social web projects.

In exchange for the investment, creators of the new fund offer the investors to buy shares of the world's largest social networking site Facebook with a discount of 12%, for which DST introduced in the new fund shares of social network estimated at $ 50 M. Internal evaluation of the company will amount $ 74 B, against $ 100 B of official estimates. DST also promises 25% discounts on other investments.

Previously, DST has invested in Facebook, Groupon, Twitter, Zynga and LinkedIn. DSTG I investment fund returned the invested funds 4.89 times exceeding the amount of initial investments, showing the average annual return of 151%. The new DST Global III LP fund plans to invest in private IT companies at the late stage of development and with a capitalization of at least $ 500 M. It is known that the agent in this fund is Goldman Sachs Group bank.

The Western media note that DST is one of the few non-US companies participated in purchasing U.S. IT companies, which last year came for an IPO. In addition to DST funds in their investment funds are also collected by Elevation Partners and Venture Partners.

In March 2012 as it became known, Yuri Milner left the Mail.Ru Group board of directors.