Yuri Milner opened the fourth DST fund - DST China

Investment Group DST continues its expansion eastward. Almost simultaneously with the fund DST Global II another fund is organized - DST China. The fund registered in the Cayman Islands, is sponsored also by the U.S. investors, they have invested at least $ 70 million. The following investments of the DST founder Yuri Milner can turn out to be fast-growing Chinese social networks.

One of the major social networks of China - RenRen – is already out on the IPO, but Milner prefers to invest in the companies before they are released to the stock exchange. By 2015, the number of Chinese users of social networks will double and amount to 490 million people. Now RenRen is only slightly ahead of Vkontakte, with about 160 million accounts and 31 million active users.

Besides RenRen and Qzone, owned by Tencent, China has plenty to choose from: Facebook clones began to appear there already in 2005 - for example, Facekoo, Kaixin001, 51.com. There are also Twitter analogues - Sina Weibo and Fanfou, as well as numerous clones discount service Groupon - among them are Meituan, Lashou and Groupon.cn.