235 million people play Facebook’s applications daily

235 million people play Facebook’s applications dailySocial network Facebook published statistics on the number of people who spend their time playing in social network’s applications every day. According to Facebook, 235 million users use the social network as a gaming platform daily – it is 8.4% more than in January, 2012.

App Center, launched in May this year, is visited by 150 million users from the social network monthly. They install almost 2.5 times more applications in comparison with the old way of distributing programs.

Although the figure of 235 million people is big enough, it is not the limit of Facebook’s opportunities - it's just a quarter of all 955 million users of the largest social network.

According to the social network, half of the largest developers of Facebook games are European companies. The list includes Wooga, King.com, Peak Games, Rovio, and Social Point. A year ago this list included only one European company.

According to Facebook, visitors and users of the social network visited Apple App Store and Google Play 170 million times in July this year. This is an important figure for the company, as its ambitions include the position of one of the leaders in mobile data traffic.