Tiger Global fund sells Yandex shares and buys the shares of Groupon

Tiger Global fund sells Yandex shares and buys the shares of GrouponInvestment fund Tiger Global Management sold some shares of Yandex search engine and entered into the capital of coupon service Groupon.

Tiger bought 9.9% (6.5M) of Groupon shares worth about $200M in the beginning of November. Earlier in the third quarter of this year, the fund sold about a quarter (8.5M) of Yandex shares ad made about $200M.

Tiger systematically sells Yandex shares over the last year: the share of the fund decreased from 16.2 to 7.2%. Yandex securities are not highly rated - $22.17 as for Monday, with the target price of $31 for the year (according to NASDAQ website).

Meanwhile, Tiger Global considered the investment in the capital of Groupon as promising, which . Groupon shares are traded at a minimum today, they lost in value nearly 90%. Tiger Global Investments showed that not all large investors consider the company's prospects as unambiguously negative.

Tiger has invested in the shares of Internet companies Facebook and Yahoo in the third quarter, that also experienced hard times this year.