Frontier Ventures Fund ready to invest $ 50 M in the Russian Internet

Frontier Ventures Fund ready to invest $ 50 M in the Russian InternetFrontier Ventures Fund, founded in 2011, announced intentions to invest $ 50 M in the Russian Internet services market. The Fund is primarily interested in companies providing consumer services on the Internet, the leaders of their market segments.

The Russian Internet services market enters a phase of rapid development, and we intend to assist in making tomorrow's leaders in this market – stated the founder and managing partner of Frontier Ventures Dmitry (who previously invested in, the Russian online video service, as well as the site of collective purchasing). According to Alimov, the partners have a successful experience of investing in Russian leading Internet projects.

Frontier Ventures enters the market at the period when Russia occupies the first position in Europe on the number of Internet users, and, according to Dmitry Alimov, the market still has great potential for growth, Basing on our analysis of consumer behavior changes on the Internet, we believe that Russia has great growth potential. At least 10-15 years of rapid growth of the market are ahead of us.

Finally, we are entrepreneurs aiming to work with entrepreneurs. We believe in the future of the Internet and offer more than just financing. We have the opportunity to share with our partners market knowledge, experience of bringing business to the next level and help realize its potential - sums up Alimov.

Frontier Ventures is a venture fund investing in the Internet projects of Russia and CIS companies to create market leaders in the Russian-speaking Internet.