Skokovo Fund officially adopted the 400th resident

Skokovo Fund officially adopted the 400th residentSkolkovo Fund celebrates the anniversary: today the Innovation Center has formally adopted in the structure the 400th resident. According to the ceremony results 33 new companies engaged in innovative developments joined the number of Skolkovo participants, as reported by portal.

According to the tradition most of the residents are registered in the Information Technology and Telecommunications Cluster - 15 of 33. Slightly fewer, 10 companies, got in the energy-efficient technologies cluster. Three more development companies became part of the biomedical and nuclear technologies cluster, 2 - in cosmocluster.

Thus, the IT cluster, among others, will include the project to create a cloud applications development platform for e-commerce by Media Partners company, the development of reference data semantic management in mechanical engineering enterprises by the SDI-Research company, Information and Payment System support for mobile and electronic commerce based on cloud technologies by Interval company.

Another new resident, Center of computer networks applied research, aims to develop algorithms, methods and tools for managing the network of new generation, to invent faster and safer ways of processing, transmitting and storing the data, solutions in the field of information security. The research results should serve as a basis for Russian companies producing a new generation of hardware-controlled means of network management.

The new companies of Energy-efficient technologies cluster will be engaged, in particular, in creation of energy installations steam turbines automatic control complex to increase energy production and other indicators (Diakont-Innovation); technology development and production of anti-wear nanodispersed formulation of a new generation Striboyl plus (Research and Production Enterprise Tribotek), as well as the creation of a new wave power station (IVEK RU). The Laksera company will develop and launch the production of highly efficient and reliable integrated drivers for standard LED bulbs and modules.

Interesting projects will join the Biomedical Technologies cluster: I-Mab Company will create an innovative drug for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, Sineiro - new drugs based on bioactive polypeptides from animal sources, and BBU Pharmaceuticals will conduct research, develop and implement drugs based on BrainDirect technology.

The development of nuclear technologies in Skolkovo will be conducted by the Deliz company (certification project of closed innovative radiation source based on ytterbium-169 for high-doze brachytherapy), Uniklazer (development of holmium fiber lasers for medical applications), and Solutions for nuclear installations and Technology JSC.

Space cluster expanded with the two companies. One of them, EADS Russian Technology Office Ck, will work on the technology development of the detonation combustion chamber of ring-type with a continuous detonation of vaporized hydrocarbon fuel and its integration into a jet engine. IKIZ Ltd. will develop information services operational monitoring of terrestrial biological resources based on satellite observations of the Earth.