Ukraine to build Bionic Hill in 2 years

Ukraine to build Bionic Hill in 2 yearsCity authorities plan to build Ukrainian analogue of the Skolkovo industrial park or the famous Silicon Valley near Kiev. Bionic Hill project will create 35,000 new jobs; it will be located on 147 hectares territory near the Kotsyubinskoe village. The UDP Company promises to invest $1 B in the construction.

The Bionic Hill project envisages the creation of Research Centre, a high-production area, two office buildings, two residential complexes, hotel and sport complex. UDP promises to finance the first construction - one office and one residential complex - planning to finish it as early as in 2014. In turn, Kiev authorities will undertake the construction of access road and public transportation.

This project will give an opportunity to create a unique scientific and industrial area, which will combine innovation and business. It will be a public platform for attracting investment for business development. This project will create 35 thousand jobs that will ensure the growth of gross regional product (GRP), only individuals tax will make about 600 M UAH income annually - Ruslan Kramarenko, the deputy chairman of the KCSA said.

Bionic Hill will host information technology, biotechnology, technology, energy conservation and alternative energy sources experts. According to Victor Galasyuk, the vice-president of the project, residential companies are expected to gain $1 B a year, while high technology products export should bring $700 M a year.