Rostov Construction University to build a South industrial park

Rostov Construction University to build a South industrial parkRostov Construction University that won the last year competition in the program of universities strategic development, intends to build an industrial park. One of its main features is using latest energy saving technologies in all facilities of the industrial park. Svetlana Sheina, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, told about the grandiose plans of the University.

According to Svetlana Sheina, 30 hectares of land in federal ownership will be leased for the industrial park. The most problematic part is to attract sufficient funding for this project, but the university managed to enlist the support of key ministries in the region - the Ministry of Education of Rostov Region and the Ministry of Architecture, Building and Community Development. And some elements of industrial park have already been built.

Workers, engineers and researchers will be trained in the industrial park, the rector says. It is planned to establish an industrial arts center at the industrial park, to create a platform for small innovative companies to develop new building materials, structures and products. There will also be set up a small production area to produce materials and products, organized an exhibition center for modern construction technologies and materials, a research center, the area of experimental low-rise housing.