$ 50 M needed for industrial park building in Kiev

$ 50 M needed for industrial park building in KievCreating an industrial park in Kiev region needs $50 M investment. Jaroslav Moskalenko, the deputy chairman of Kiev city administration announced it at the meeting of the International Trade Club in Vyshgorod, which brought together representatives of 60 countries.

Two investment projects were presented to the participants of the meeting: X-Life (a project of extreme sports complex) and the Industrial Park of Kiev region. Jaroslav Moskalenko calls them promising projects, but they require significant investment. Creating an industrial park is estimated at $50 M, it can create up to fifteen thousand jobs.

Jaroslav Moskalenko also mentioned the investment attractiveness of Vyshgorod region, where water and wood comprise 72 percent. This is a place for people’s cultural leisure-time and, therefore, everything here should be aimed at the recreation of the Ukrainian capital and the region’s residents.

We will remind, that the UkrainianVerkhovna Rada on July 6 last year adopted a legislative framework for the project About the industrial parks, which establishes the legal right to the concept of the industrial park. It is a form of attracting investment in the development and arrangement of land for industrial and other economic activities.