RAS Technopark in the south-west of Moscow

RAS Technopark in the south-west of MoscowUrban Planning and Land Commission of Moscow (UPLC), established by the initiative of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, approved the site design of Donskiye Ulitsy production area southern part in Moscow south-west. The project involves creation of the Russian Academy of Sciences industrial park in this area, Moskomstroyinvest press release says.

The draft specifies that the planning area of 27 ha is confined by 3551A, 5138, 5104 projected passages and Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya street.

In addition to the technopark, the authorities plan to place in the industrial area such facilities as multifunctional complex, innovative and industrial complex, office building, social infrastructure objects and multystoried parking garage for 1.5 thousand and 245 cars, the statement said.

To supply the new territory with good transport links to the adjacent areas, new construction of the transport network of 4.1 km is presupposed, - the press release marks.

Double section of Lenin Avenue from 60 years of October Ave to the projected passage № 3551A, outer connector along the projected passage № 5138, a new passage in the technical area and several cross-over roads will be built here, Moskomstroyinvest materials indicate.

Also the project plan provides for creating the district road in the industrial zone. The development plan involves the formation of three natural complex objects with the total area of 2.76 ha, RIA Novosti report.

Project proposals implementation will fundamentally improve the transport, environmental and social conditions in the production area; will bring the density of built-up territories to the regulatory requirements, simultaneously increasing the proportion of green areas and open spaces; will increase the density of the road network; in addition it will create about 6,000 jobs; will fully provide the adjacent neighborhood population with the parking facilities for personal transport, - the message explained.

As Sergei Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow, previously stated, industrial zones territories have considerable development potential and require serious reconsideration. He reported in February 2012 that this year Moscow authorities plan to work out site designs for 37 industrial areas of the city.