Intel and Skolkovo conduct computer technology development contest

Intel and Skolkovo conduct computer technology development contest The world's largest manufacturer of processors Intel and the Skolkovo Innovation Center Development Fund announced the contest of applied research and development in computer technology. It aims to support scientific research and applied activities with prospects for commercialization in the domestic and international markets, reported Intel's press-service on Tuesday.

In addition to the innocenter and Intel, the competition Computer continuum: from idea to realization is supported by such companies as RSK, ABBYY, Kaspersky Lab and the Supercomputer Consortium of Universities of Russia and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The representatives from these companies and organizations will be included in the jury, which will assess the work of the participants.

The contest is accepting applications in such areas as the Supercomputer Technology in Science and Education, Bio Technology, Information Security, Intelligent Integrated Systems, Context-aware computing, and other. Accepting the applications will continue until October 12 this year.

The winners will be announced a little later, in October-November this year. They will receive cash prizes (amount not yet determined) and will be nominated for the status of the Participant's Skolkovo project.

Also candidates among the projects for further consideration under the support programs of the Skolkovo Fund and Intel will be selected; for participation in any program of mentoring, technical support, business incubation, early access to products and services from the organizers and partners of the competition.

The competition is held for the fourth consecutive year. Last year 128 participants from Russia and CIS countries were accepted. The majority (64 applications) referred to the HPC and cloud computing. 46 participants presented developments on the subject of new and urgent problems of IT, and another 18 were from the area of mobile applications.

The the contest winner and the Grand Prix Award from Intel was the work Distributed Computing at the order of drawing clothes on the e-mail. Using 3D-technologies, presented by Elizabeth Lazareve (OJSC Latelye).