SkolTech to present its research strategy in Moscow

SkolTech to present its research strategy in MoscowSkolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTech), the key element of Skolkovo project, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) will conduct the second conference to establish a center of science, innovation and education of SkolTech in July 9. SkolTech will present a strategy of its research activities Vision 2030 at the conference, the Skolkovo fund says.

The strategy is based on the analysis of the most promising schools and interests of the industry, the report says.

Various aspects of international cooperation in scientific research will be also discussed at the conference that will take place at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Event participants will summarize preliminary results of the first stage of the competition for SkolTech research centers creation and will make proposals for the preparation of the future rounds of the competition.

Conference participants are representatives of Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, SkolTech President Edward Crowley, vice president of SkolTech research department Mats Nordlund, vice president for administration and development of SkolTech Alexey Sitnikov, vice president for government programs of SkolTech Alexei Ponomarev, a professor of MIT, the head of the joint program MIT / SkolTech Duane Boning.

The first conference took place in the United States in February.

SkolTech is created as the first university in the history of Russia which combines engineering and entrepreneurial education. Research centers of major companies and universities will make the base of SkolTech, according to RIA Novosti.