Kickstarter, a collective funding website got a competitor

Kickstarter, a collective funding website got a competitorThe U.S. website Kickstarter that helps developers to attract investment for their projects from the users of the website, got an ambitious European rival - Gambitious, but it will deal exclusively with games (as opposed to Kickstarter, which has gaming projects as one of specializations).

Kickstarter is quite popular now being the talk of the town within the start-ups community because of successful attraction of money by some studios (for e.g., Stoic with The Banner Saga and Brian Fargo inXile Entertainment with Wasteland 2), which managed to find the money to develop their games.

The Danish company hopes that its project will attract independent games creators in the first place because unlike Kickstarter, Gambitious will have no interest from developers’ income. In addition, the organizers promise some additional bonuses which, according to Gambitious representatives, will help ensure proper attraction of developers.

Currently funding is provided only to European studios, but worldwide expansion is in the future plans of the Danes. Unfortunately Gambitious has no high-profile successes, but the project has just started, and time will tell whether it can compete to the proven Kickstarter.