A new service from the Fast Lane Ventures and ru-Net

A new service from the Fast Lane Ventures and ru-NetRuNet launched a new online-service for the promotion of events and the sale of electronic tickets - Eventmag.ru. Seed investment was received from Fast Lane Ventures, the operational and investment partner of the new service, and ru-Net investment company, the portfolio of which already includes about 30 projects in Russia, Europe, North America and Asia.

Eventmag Service is designed for a broad audience, including the organizers and visitors of all kinds of events all over Russia. The main objective of the portal is to unite the two sides on one online-platform and provide them with the mutually beneficial cooperation. A distinctive feature of Eventmag is no restrictions on the format of events. The resource provides organizers the opportunity to realize and attract visitors to the event of any type and scale - from the press conference to the music festival.

The volume of ticket market in Russia is constantly growing. According to the Express-Obzor research company, the average annual market growth of ticket sales is 11% per year. More than 4 M tickets for the concerts are sold in Russia every year. Concerts are to comprise 25% of all tickets sold in Eventmag, other sales account for business events (conferences and exhibitions), the so-called classes (trainings, seminars, courses) and sporting events. According to various sources, the volume of each segment is estimated at $ 300-400 M per year.

Eventmag offers convenient tools for users: a free service to register participants for the organizers or the sale of electronic tickets depending on the type of event. Monetization of the resource is carried out by the commission from each ticket sold. In addition to posting information about the event the resource provides the organizers additional opportunities to promote the event through social networks and direct mailing through its subscribers database.

Eventmag for visitors is a service for easy and convenient searching for events, booking and paying for electronic tickets directly on the site.

Each user has his own personal account and can act in any role: both as an organizer and as a visitor, he can create and search for any event, share information with colleagues and friends (such as sending invitations in social networks), buy and sell e-tickets.

Natalia Atyasheva, Eventmag CEO, marks the high potential of this new online service due to vacancy of the segment on the national level and versatility of the resource.

A new service from the Fast Lane Ventures and ru-Net
There is a variety of highly specialized resources in today’s market that are concentrated in certain niches, both in the scope of activities and the functional. Eventmag works with any format and helps to implement the events of any size and complexity. It is more convenient for the user to have access to information about the activities of any kind on one resource, rather than surf the net for a variety of sources.

Marina Treschova, Fast Lane Ventures CEO, shares the opinion of Natalia Atyasheva: When choosing the ideas for new businesses we are looking for the presence of a proven model, which confirmed its relevance for users and investors, the local market potential and the level of competition in the segment. In the case of Eventmag all three criteria confirm the correctness of our choice. Willingness of ru-Net, a leading Russian investment holding company, to join the project at a seed investment stage demonstrates the prospects of the business model.

The total investment to the company will amount several million dollars.