Russian tourist service OneTwoTrip raises $16M

Russian tourist service OneTwoTrip raises $16MRussian online tourist service OneTwoTrip received $16M from venture capital firm Atomico. This is the second financing round of the company, it received $9M from Phenomen Ventures fund in early September, 2012.

A service for flights online booking and sale was launched by Peter Cutis in May, 2011. It is noteworthy that Cutis was one of the founders of a tourist site, which is today considered as one of the main Onetwotrip's competitors ( to conduct a private placement of its shares). Monthly turnover of Onetwotrip, according to the company, was $30M in June 2012, and this figure could reach $400M for the year. The service has 20K unique visitors per day, more than 3.5K booked tickets every day. The website gains from a fee of 6-7% for each ticket.

Received investment confirms the desire of investors to invest in the Russian online tourist market. Recall that another participant of the market, company, attracted additional $10M in May from a group of investors led by VTB Capital Bank.