Startup raised $1.2M of investment

Startup raised $1.2M of investment service to sell e-tickets to musical, cultural and entertainment events, which is one of the market leaders, has attracted $1.2M of investment from an undisclosed group of investors.

The startup was launched in 2012 and offered its users a convenient platform to purchase events tickets.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Sergey Suchkov, Russia’s ticket market is one of the most interesting and competitive, while it has practically no advanced tech solutions.

Our first challenge is to change the ticket market format in the following ways:

First, the organizers sell e-tickets through effective and profitable sales tools and ticket control not overpaying ticket aggregators.

Second, the development of an extensive distribution network. Apps for social networks have already been launched allowing you to open sales in all relevant groups and communities, widgets to sale on websites and blog platforms are being introduced as well.

The investment raised in the first round will be spent on the further development of technology platform, distribution network expansion, brand promotion and improving existing mobile services (Radario apps for iOS and Android), according to