A business blog service Moderniziruy.RF launched in Russia

A business blog service Moderniziruy.RF launched in RussiaLaunched in RuNet Moderniziruy.RF is a new blogging service for scientists, innovation managers, business angels and experts should become a free discussion forum for sharing of experience, ideas, online taking advice, finding partners, investors and associates.

Moderniziruy.RF platform is built allowing for the target audience interests - the supporters of modernization and modern business approaches. In addition to blogging, there are News and Events, Discussions, Video and Activities sections on the resource. Registered users can add news, information about themselves, participate in discussion, important events, and publish multimedia content.

Stanislaw Aranovich, a businessman and political scientist, suggested idea of the resource creation. He says that Moderniziruy.RF is not only a platform where people can get information about potential partners and participants of new projects, but also a search of talents. Scientists and managers tell us about science, moderate the website and comment on public authority, investors and customers’ publications. They determine the structure of the Internet portal - Stanislav Aranovich says.

It is planned to develop online theme games and applications devoted to the modernization and innovations.