Almaz Capital Fund allocates $20 M for projects at seed-stage funding

Almaz Capital Fund allocates $20 M for projects at seed-stage fundingAlmaz Capital Venture Fund intends to open a seed investment area in the near future, as the co-founder and managing partner of the Fund Alexander Galitsky said to RBC daily. According to him exact amount of funds to be invested in young companies at the earliest stages of development has not been defined yet but the sum of $ 20 M is being discussed.

The Fund is mostly interested in Internet companies in their infancy, Galitsky says. However, he points out that according to today's agreements with Almaz Capital investors it is not possible to invest in companies at seed and pre-seed stages, but the company sees substantial growth of projects which are very promising at their early stages of development making work with them profitable.

Experts note that interest in venture capital projects has been increased. Investment Director of Skolkovo Alexander Lupachev explains it for two reasons: First is the reduction of yields on other asset classes (stocks and bonds). The second is the emergence of the DST Fund and Mr. Milner, who proved that you can make capital out of the venture capital investments. However, according to various estimates, there are about 50 venture capital funds in the country, 30 of them have money to invest, and ten of them have a positive experience in this field.