Bashkortostan scientists won 10 new grants

Bashkortostan scientists won 10 new grantsRepresentatives of Bashkir State University became the winners of various competitions for grants.

The project called The Development of Professional Retraining in Products of Multifunctional Nanostructured Composite Ceramics Using Inorganic Binding Systems won RUSNANO’s Infrastructural and Educational Program’s grant of more than 10 M RUR. Research Project Manager is Ulfat Shayhizamanovich Shayakhmetov, the Head of the Department of Engineering Physics and Materials Physics, Faculty of Engineering.

The organizational and technical support of All-Russian Youth Conference called the Synthesis, properties research, modification and processing of high-molecular compounds project (research project manager is Associate Professor of Chemistry Department Marina Bazunova) received a grant from Russian Ministry of Education to the amount of 560 K RUR.

The head of the Inorganic Chemistry Department Valery Nikolaevich Maistrenko received the grant of 300 K RUR from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) for the Organization of VIII All-Russian Conference on Electrochemical Methods of Analysis EMA-2012 project.

The winners of the competition for the grants RFBR-2012 are a few more projects (now they pass the stage of documents execution):

- Study of the formation of sulfur nanoparticles and evaluation of their biological properties (supervisor - Ahat Gazizyanovich Mustafin, rector of the Bashkir State University, Chair of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Ecology Department of Chemistry);
- Dynamics of shock waves in a pulsed discharge in liquid research (supervisor - Professor of physics and nanomaterials technology PTI Ramil Zaynievich Shayhitdinov);
- Genetic and physiological study on the use of the Chenopodiaceae family for phytomelioration of saline areas of Southern Ural (supervisor - Professor of Plant Physiology, Faculty of Biology, Iskander Yusufovich Usmanov).

These grants are allocated by the RFBR from the federal budget in 2012-2014 with co-financing of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Grants of the regional competition Ural: History, economics, culture of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, funding for which will be made in conjunction with the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, were won by:

- Qasim Nazifovich Yusupov, Professor of Economics Department of national economy (the project Strategy of the reproduction potential of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the medium and long term to the amount of 140 K RUR);
- Svetlana Ishbuldinovna Galyautdinova, Dean of Psychology Faculty (the project Study of the psychological characteristics of children and adolescents living in geopathic zones to the amount of 500 K RUR);
- Lily Rashitovna Sagidullin, assistant professor of Tatar Philology Faculty of Philology (project lingvoculturological and linguodidactic aspects of studying the words in the language and speech (on the materual of the Tatar language) to the amount of 320 K RUR);
- Rishat Vakhidovich Nigmatullin, professor at the Institute of Law (the project Improvement of the legal basis of the nature preservation of Ural region (Republic of Bashkortostan) to the amount of 250 K RUR).