An educational summit for Russian startups and entrepreneurs

An educational summit for Russian startups and entrepreneursEMC will organize a three-day educational summit in the form of lectures, seminars and investment sessions specially for young Russian entrepreneurs. The summit will take place from July 3 to 5, 2012. The venue of the event was selected EMC’s Israeli office (Israel ranks second in the world by the share of venture capital per capita and is the home of the most successful IT - start-ups).

Under the summit plenary session participants will be able:

- To meet with Israeli venture capital funds investing in Russian companies.
- To attend a master class How to Attract Investment - the main factors that can make your company attractive for strategic or venture capital investments.
- To meet with the Israeli business stars, to get advice from the founders of the best Israeli startups.
- To visit the investment section of the EMC's Investment Chief Gil Goren: Portfolio of the companies acquired by EMC and the investment focus of the corporation.
- Life after the Acquisition. RSA and other companies will share their entrepreneurial and corporate experience.

The participants will be able to get feedback on their presentations from the business guru within the section Presentation of the Companies.

In addition, a tour to Jerusalem is to be organized for the Summit participants.

Participation in the Summit is for free, only the plane tickets and accommodation in Israel are paid for. The number of seats in the session is limited and not every project will have the opportunity to speak. The Summit language is English.