The chief investment officer of ABRT to meet with startups

The chief investment officer of ABRT to meet with startupsThe chief investment officer of ABRT Venture Fund Nikolay Mityushin will talk about his experience of building a business within the next meeting of businessmen #Feedback by Greenfield Project. In addition to working in the ABRT fund, Nicholas supervises Start in Garage and Win the Market projects - the programs for startups’ founders, private investors and professionals working in technology companies and investment funds.

Every start-upper unwittingly passes the same cycle from idea to its implementation while creating a vibrant and explosive project. Inquisitive people have noticed and learned it and now help others to avoid mistakes and achieve the desired result. One of such people is Nikolay Mityushin - Greenfield Project’s message says.

Nikolay has been working as the Chief Investment Officer of ABRT Venture Fund since 2007.

#Feedback with Nikolay will take place on August, 29 in Digital October. Nikolay will tell us about the life cycle of the founder, how to move from idea to finished product and how RISVentures can help entrepreneurs to go through these steps. In addition, the participants of the event will learn what to know and to do at each stage of the cycle, and get some information about the market and business models.