Samsung to get registered in Skolkovo

Samsung to get registered in SkolkovoSamsung plans to open a research and experimental-design center in Skolkovo. Roman Romanovsky, Operating Director for Key Partners of Skolkovo Innovation Centre reported on this to Izvestia.

Samsung’s Moscow office didn’t manage to give a rapid account of the particular activities the center will be engaged with in Skolkovo. Samsung development center already operating in Moscow among other things deals with the development of software products.

Samsung's intention to find a lodgment in Skolkovo didn’t surprise the experts: the Korean company is active in the Russian market and is happy to hire local professionals.

According to Leonid Delitsyn, the Finam analyst, Samsung has been massively hiring the graduates of Russian universities for already 15 years.

The professors are complaining of it, because the Korean company entices the postgraduate. The postgraduate salary, say, is 3000 RUR, and Samsung will give 50000 RUR right away, - he said. - So, they pick up the personnel where it still remains.

Many foreign IT-companies seek to open their research centers in Russia. For example, Nokia Siemens Networks has created Research and Development Centre in Mobile Communication of the 4th generation, which specializes in methods for expanding radio networks capacity. The centre was created in mid-June 2011 in Systema-Sarov Russian Technopark. Skolkovo attracts many people. Ericsson, Cisco, Microsoft open their research centers there. In particular, the Innograd near Moscow Microsoft will conduct work on applied research and development of software solutions and technology for the cloud environment. It is expected that Microsoft Research Centre will employ more than 100 IT-professionals and scientists by 2015.

According to experts, it is more profitable for the large companies to create their own R & D centers in Russia right now.

There are human resources in Russia capable of performing complicated problems, and what is the most important, they are still alive. But in 20-30 years they will be gone, - Delitsyn thinks. - Therefore, global companies need to conduct the research in Russia right now while it is cheap, as there is the staff. Moreover, Russia is the most populous country in Europe, so it is important for the companies to have good relations with the Russian government, among other things supporting such initiatives as Skolkovo.

According to estimates of Dmitry Adomidov, the co-director of the Investkafe analytical department, the cost of creating a research center in Skolkovo may be estimated at $ 30-40 M.