The VI Interregional Economic Forum to take place in Samara Region

The VI Interregional Economic Forum to take place in Samara RegionJuly 5-6, 2012 the Government of Samara region will conduct the Interregional economic forum Samara Initiative: cluster policy - the basis of innovative development of national economy for the sixth time. Co-organizers of the event are the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, as well as strategic partners: the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, the Skolkovo Fund.

The aim of the forum is to develop specific instruments of innovation development in accordance with the chosen strategic priorities, building successful state-public mechanism of large-scale investment projects implementation, development of interregional cooperation of innovative regions.

The program of the Forum, designed for two days, includes 19 events of different format and thematic focus. The events will be held at 6 sites - Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Holiday Inn, Samara State Economic University and Samara State Technical University, Samara Regional Duma, Togliatti innovation and technology business incubator.

The core theme of the discussion will be the results of the competitive selection of pilot innovative regional clusters of federal level. As a result of the competition, held by Ministry of Economic Development, the application of Samara region on the formation of an aerospace cluster has received the 6th place in the ranking and become among the winners. This will give an opportunity to the region to get funds from the federal budget to develop the cluster since 2013.

Among the activities planned for the Forum are: conducting of Skolkovo Day in Samara region (on the sites of Samara and Togliatti). Skolkovo Fund’s experts will conduct a master class - Effective innovation. How to join Skolkovo? The events will be held under the Agreement between the Government of Samara region and the Skolkovo Fund, signed in late 2012 under the previous V Interregional Economic Forum.

A roundtable on Strategic Management of the Region: Problems and Prospects will take place within the Forum with the participation of experts from Higher School of Economics. The round table is devoted to public discussion of the Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of Samara region by 2030.

A discussion of the prospects and mechanisms for the development of specific sectors and clusters will be conducted at the industry-specific sites in the format of round tables.

Two major conferences will also be held under the aegis of the Forum: traditional International Asian-European scientific-practical conference Financial Instruments of cluster policy and support of cluster initiatives, as well as scientific and practical conference Innovative solutions to problems of recoverable resources which will be attended by members of Volga regional cluster of waste processing, the creation of which was formalized in the framework of the V Interregional Forum, according to samara24 web portal.